Posted 6 hours ago

Scarlet Tanager

Posted 1 day ago

Day off

Having lower and upper GI this morning . Getting ready to leave.  See YA tomorrow

Posted 2 days ago

Blown Away

I can not believe all the attention my photos are getting.  I just want to say thanks to everyone and once again there are way to many of you to list .  So again, THANK YOU !  THANK YOU !   THANK YOU !


Posted 2 days ago

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Posted 3 days ago

My Orange

Posted 5 days ago

Indigo Buntings

Posted 6 days ago

Have A Happy Easter Everyone

Taking the Holiday Off.  See Y’all Monday

Posted 1 week ago

Does any one no what this bird is ?

Posted 1 week ago

Great Kiskadee

Posted 1 week ago

broad billed-hummingbird and tiger lily